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So I've been less than thrilled with Rockhold Karate's current billing service for about a year now. It started out great, taking my studio to the next level, customer service was great, and they were receptive to ideas that would improve the service. And then they became complacent and falling behind the times quickly, but at least their customer service was good. Well the problems with the system started adding up without solutions to the problems. So as a business owner it was time to pivot. I found a new up and coming company with great potential, but not quite were I needed it to be. I can be patient, in the meantime, I started putting a lot of pressure on my current vendor to take care of the problems I was having with the service.

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Rockhold Karate Kumdo

Way of the Sword – Kummooyeh

Long way to the way of the sword

It all started back in 1977 when I saw Star Wars for the first time. The epic lightsaber battle no one would forget. From then on every random stick outside, straw, pen, pencil, and wrapping paper tube was a lightsaber! The long road of my swordsmanship journey began.

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About your YouTube

Hey, about your YouTube channel

Nine years ago, the Rockhold Karate YouTube Channel was created.  That's Great!  Now what...upload some lame old Tang Soo Do black belt competition videos on there of course, and then forget about it for three years.  Uploaded a really cool Shaolin Kung Fu Spear form, more as a reference in case one forgets a move or two.  Another year passes, so let's drop some martial arts brick breaking videos.  A year later, crank out some Sony Action Cam slow motion karate videos and call it a year, then add another iPhone slo-video.  Where did the year go?  Slap a GoPro on a Bo and go Kung Fu crazy with it, but don't call it staff-staff.  Pretty sure a squirrel stole that year, oh look, archery. 

Customer Service, Your YouTube Channel, How To

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Welcome to Customer Service

Top Rated Local Award Winner 2018Rockhold Karate Logo

It's all about customer service.

A couple of weeks ago, before Christmas, I received an interesting phone call.  I answered the phone in an upbeat manner like I normally do, "Rockhold Karate, this is Chris, how can I help you?", the voice on the other end introduced himself as Hawkeye and was calling to inform me I was the 2018 Top Rated Local Award Winner.  

Customer Service

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