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"Wonderful Studio and Outstanding Instructor Our son has been a student of Mr. Rockhold for over 2 years and his attention to each student is unparalleled. The quality and instruction has been consistant and fun. Mr. Rockhold has a passion for teaching an art he loves and is enthusiastic to share that with students of all ages. We look forward to many more years of karate instruction from him."

Meghan A.


"I absolutely love this program! After researching and visiting several other Karate Schools, we were certain that this was the best school for our 5-year old son. Mr. Rockhold is very skilled with kids, and he immediately captured our son's attention. He is extremely patient, while still holding each child accountable for practicing the correct technique/moves. The program was different than the others in that I did not have to sign a long-term contract. I also like that we can choose from several class options, and can change the day each week if need be. This will become more important in the fall when our son resumes his busy baseball schedule. I would highly recommend this school for any level of karate enthusiast."

Danielle M. 

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"Master Rockhold has a very respectful and fun environment for his students. He is very precise on form and technique while giving positive encouragement to his students."

Valerie P.

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"We've been very happy with Rockhold Karate for our 6yr old son.  We've seen him flourish in the class.  In the year he's been attending his focus and discipline have improved tremendously.  He enjoys the class and looks forward to attending each week."

Erin M.


"We could not be happier with Master Rockhold. We have had a six and a four year old in his class for almost a year. He is extremely friendly and patient with our kids. He kept them excited about learning the techniques and instilled a self confidence and self discipline that was wonderful to watch. He displays a very nice balance of playfulness and seriousness with the kids. I saw many kids come in at the start with typical self-control and impulse-control problems. Each one's behavior, low and behold improved within a couple of weeks. "The Dojo (Dojang) is very clean and well kept. We also found prices are very reasonable compared to many other schools. I would recommend Rockhold Karate to any parents who want to give their kids a fun, healthy, and productive outlet for their energy."

David J.


"INCREDIBLE!!!!! We are having such an AMAZING experience with this family run business!!!! All students are given their age appropriate structure and discipline, including their adorable daughter whom is my son's classmate. They are extremely honest and up front with our family! . From what I can see they make the time to know all of the families personally and have never hesitated to communicate with us when needed or when we have questions for them. HIGHLY RECOMMEND ROCKHOLD KARATE!!!!!"

Lauren B.


"Master Rockhold is an amazing teacher. He is knowledgeable in self defense, martial arts techniques, and discipline of the mind as well. I would highly recommend coming here to learn from one of the greatest teachers I'll ever know."

Dominic S.

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