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Nine years ago, the Rockhold Karate YouTube Channel was created.  That's Great!  Now what...upload some lame old Tang Soo Do black belt competition videos on there of course, and then forget about it for three years.  Uploaded a really cool Shaolin Kung Fu Spear form, more as a reference in case one forgets a move or two.  Another year passes, so let's drop some martial arts brick breaking videos.  A year later, crank out some Sony Action Cam slow motion karate videos and call it a year, then add another iPhone slo-video.  Where did the year go?  Slap a GoPro on a Bo and go Kung Fu crazy with it, but don't call it staff-staff.  Pretty sure a squirrel stole that year, oh look, archery. 

Obviously, the YouTube channel was not a high priority and just and collection of oddball videos.  Anyway, several weeks ago, had a parent ask if there was a belt tying video available.  In that moment, the Rockhold Karate's YouTube Channel now has a practical purpose, to be an extra customer service tool for the Rockhold Karate students and parents.  First project for Sharpening Mind, Body, and Character of new and current students is, "How to" tie your karate belt.  Jumped online to see what other videos looked like, and a huge majority of them looked the same.  Some martial arts person set up a tripod, stands not close to the camera, blathers on for too long and then ties the belt real quick.  Although it is well intended, not really helpful.  The idea behind the Rockhold Karate - Knot a problem video is to empower the student learning how to tie there own belt from their own perspective.  Grabbed the GoPro and strapped it to my head and proceeded to guide the student slowly through the process of tying the belt.  Uploaded it to the Rockhold Karate YouTube Channel and shared the heck out of it on social media.  Be nice, it's my first "how to" video, already thinking about reshooting it to make it better and not record it while having sever allergy issues, but this will work for now.

So the video was well received by the parents and students. One of my senior instructors politely asked if I could make another video for instructors on "how to" tie a karate belt around a student. What a great idea, sometimes the students aren't quite there yet and need some help. So, grabbed the GoPro, pulled out the Century Martial Arts BOB XL bag and proceeded to guide the instructors or parent on how to tie a karate belt around someone else.

After shooting the second video, was inspired to shoot a couple of more "how to" videos. One is "how to" fold your karate uniform and the other is "how to" store your karate belt. Also have several other ideas qued up and will be putting together for the students. If you have some karate "how to" video ideas you would like to see, let me know.

About your YouTube channel.


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