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It's all about customer service.

A couple of weeks ago, before Christmas, I received an interesting phone call.  I answered the phone in an upbeat manner like I normally do, "Rockhold Karate, this is Chris, how can I help you?", the voice on the other end introduced himself as Hawkeye and was calling to inform me I was the 2018 Top Rated Local Award Winner.  

First of all, Hawkeye is a cool name! Second, what is this for?  Apparently Rockhold Karate had the best overall ratings of martial arts businesses in the ATX, second highest in Texas for 2018, and he wanted to interview me for an article that will be published in a few days.


As we went through the interview it really just boiled down to providing great customer service. I recall answering the phone when I first started my martial arts business, the customer was surprised, "Oh, you answered the phone! None of the other places answered their phone".  Without skipping a beat, "WOW, how can I help?"  That made my day, from then on, I made sure to answer the phone in a fast and friendly manner.  And yes, that person brought their child in later that day and signed up for karate classes.  It's all about customer service.  A couple years ago, had a mom and her child walk-in and I greeted them and let them know I would take care of them in just a moment. Got my students working with their partners and took care of the potential client.  The mom was shocked, she told me the last martial arts place she went to, the so call "master" just ignored her.  Wait for it, she signed her child up for the karate kids classes on the spot.  It's all about customer service.  I know how I want to be treated as a customer, and if you are rude and give me the run around I take my business elsewhere.  People want to feel welcomed, treated with respect, deal with a business that offers transparency and appreciates them for being there. If you walk in to Rockhold Karate, you will be recognized and taken care of.

It's all about customer service.


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Customer Service

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