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There's a Rockhold Karate app for that

"There's an app for that"

So I've been less than thrilled with Rockhold Karate's current billing service for about a year now. It started out great, taking my studio to the next level, customer service was great, and they were receptive to ideas that would improve the service. And then they became complacent and falling behind the times quickly, but at least their customer service was good. Well the problems with the system started adding up without solutions to the problems. So as a business owner it was time to pivot. I found a new up and coming company with great potential, but not quite were I needed it to be. I can be patient, in the meantime, I started putting a lot of pressure on my current vendor to take care of the problems I was having with the service.

I was patient to a point, what had been great customer service ended with a rude, self-entitled, not going to take responsibility, it's not my fault attitude. Yeah, we are done here. Strike three you're out! Time for me to take my business elsewhere. As a small business owner, I know it's all about the customer service, and as a customer, my expectations are high.

It's in the cards now. Turns out that company I've been keeping tabs on, just keeps getting better and better. Time to take a chance and pivot. A couple of webinars and an online meeting later, we are in business. Now what. Building out the contents of my soon to be released app to course! "There's an app for that!?!"

So without further ado!

Download the Rockhold Karate app from the Apple App Store or from Google Play!

With the Rockhold Karate App you can:

Register for Events and Testings (You will still need to get an email invitation to test).

Updates, messages, notifications, and chat with the instructor.

View curriculum, video tutorials, "how to" videos from the Rockhold Karate YouTube channel, and improve yours skills.

Order Rockhold Karate merchandise and equipment from the in-app and online retail store, right from your fingertips!

Parents can even sign themselves up for Karate classes from the app.

Parents and Students can also find Rockhold Karate on social media with the app.

And you can also refer your friends to Rockhold Karate!

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. To download from Apple or Google, just Search for Rockhold Karate!

2. Tap Allow Notifications.

3. Plug in the Studio Code: 512-699-9288

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There's a Rockhold Karate app for that!



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